about us

about us

It may all start with a children’s book, but that’s not where it ends…

Hi, I’m Micaela, and I authored my first children’s book because there is a need now, more than any other time in this generation, to infuse children’s lives with positive messages and images that shape their self-awareness, confidence, and capabilities.

In support of this effort, I created a company whose mission is to provide coaching and marketing support for beautifully-illustrated picture books published by parents, educators, and small business owners that advocate for early literacy through culturally diverse stories.

The children’s books are at the nucleus of a brand designed to create enriching and entertaining experiences that nurture a love for reading.

I am experienced in all facets of strategic marketing, from analytical research to brand management, thanks to a storied, 22+ year career in corporate product management working with several Fortune 200 companies.

Diversifying Bookshelves

Diverse children’s books belong in homes and academic environments that span cultures, ethnicities, and subject matter. This podcast is for you if you’re a children’s book author that wants to make an impact with kids ages newborn to 10. Representation Matters.

We Need Diverse Books and We Need Diverse Authors!

Providing the support you need to be profitable on purpose

To help you reach more readers and sell more children’s books, coaching in strategic marketing is in place for authors that want to launch and grow a successful children’s book business. Through Children’s Book Marketing Academy, you will learn:

  • Proven steps to self-publish your first (or next) children’s books.
  • Where to source funds for fueling production and marketing expenses.
  • To build a brand around your book to deliver your Signature Program.
  • To create & implement a marketing plan to connect with buyers.
  • To activate and automate a multi-channel sales generation system

Want to know what it’s like to work together?

She has been absolutely amazing to work with

“From her having very in-depth conversations with me, and from those conversations building a yearly content calendar and creative assets for me, that took layers of stress out of the process that I didn’t have to worry about anymore. I can’t thank her enough. She really listens to what your vision is for your book. If you’re looking for a brand marketing strategist that cares about your story but also about your success, I highly recommend Micaela. She is very personable, very professional, and she really values the work that she does.
M. Farley
Copywriter & Children’s Book Author

Ideas on stepping outside of the normal box of branding

She was very helpful and she listened to my ideas and gave me feedback. As an independent children’s book author, this is something that I definitely needed. I needed someone that has experience in this field, and I wanted someone to bounce information off of and she was great at that. I definitely recommend going to her website and signing up for her one-on-one marketing conversation. It definitely gave me some great ideas on how to improve my website and how to think of other markets to reach new viewers to my book.
L. Martin
Educator & Children’s Book Author