The Children's Book Marketing Podcast
The Children's Book Marketing Podcast
Episode 10: What To Do As You Move Into the Pre-sale Stage of Your Book Launch

In this episode, we’re diving into the things you need to know about pre-marketing for self-published children’s books.

Pre-Sell Launch is what follows the first stage, which I call Pre-Marketing. If you’ve been following along with our previous episode, you know that we’ve covered in the Pre-Marketing Stage the importance of building anticipation for your book. Now, it’s time to take the next step and start accepting preorders for your book.

In this episode, you’ll learn how to accept preorders of your book and keep the momentum going with your content marketing. We’ll discuss everything from creating a launch team to releasing exclusive promotional offers, sharing presale content, checking for updates on your book’s availability, and even booking media appearances to generate buzz.

But that’s not all! We’ll also explore the importance of producing alternative versions of your book, like audio books, American Sign Language translations, and translations in different languages. Plus, we’ll chat about the unexpected setbacks and delays that can arise during the pre-marketing phase and how to navigate them with transparency and grace.

So, if you’re ready to take your book launch to the next level, let’s jump right in. Stay tuned for valuable marketing strategies and tips that will help you define success on your own terms. Let’s get started!

Here’s what this episode will uncover: 

  • The 4 unique elements of Pre-Sell Launch Stage for your children’s book
  • The role played by people who make up your village of friends and family when it comes to Pre-Sell success
  • How to use content that generates excitement for where you are and what’s to come.
  • Why you need to be proactive about checking the book listings that you apply for.

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