Now that the podcast has officially crossed the one-year old threshold, I’ve learned a lot about how to proceed. In this episode, I share what’s to expect for the upcoming season and what brought about the shift.

Also, I explain the fun new interactive, free coaching opportunities that are on deck that will even further prepare you to gain control of marketing and distribution for your children’s book.

Here’s what this episode unveils:

  • How the direction of the podcast shifted the trajectory of my entire business.
  • What massive action I blazed through in 48-hours that should’ve probably 2 weeks.
  • Who will be considered for guest interviews for The Children’s Book Marketing Podcast.
  • The exciting new ways to gather bi-monthly for marketing insights and networking.
  • How to get a marketing audit to address your most pressing issues for free.

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Great advice

“So far I have only listened to the first few podcast but am learning things and obtaining great ideas in each one. I would love to blast though the first season but I also want to make sure I do not miss any nuggets by rushing. Great speaker, teacher and Marketer.”

~ A review shared by Sankelord on October 18, 2021

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