The Children's Book Marketing Podcast
The Children's Book Marketing Podcast
Episode 15: The 3 Must-haves That Serve As The Basis Of Your Children’s Book Messaging Content

Welcome to the Children’s Book Marketing Podcast, where we dive into the world of marketing and promotion for children’s books. In Season 2, Episode 15, we’re focusing on content delivery and exploring the different platforms to share your stories and reach your target audience.

We discuss the three essential elements of children’s book messaging content, including the importance of your brand story, talking about your book, and relating to real life. We also touch on the significance of understanding your ideal readers and the role it plays in your marketing strategy.

Plus, we’ve got an amazing resource to help you choose your ideal reader. So, if you’re ready to take your children’s book marketing to the next level, stay tuned for all the valuable tips and advice coming your way.

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“I have learned so much from this Podcast. There is a clear marketing plan that is giving. Oh and did I mention it’s FREE. The host provides strategies to get your book noticed and print options. She thinks outside the box and challenges me to think bigger. I learned that my book is a business and I want to monetize it in every way possible.”

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