The Children's Book Marketing Podcast
The Children's Book Marketing Podcast
Episode 4: Who - The First Most Important Thing To Know About Creating Content For Marketing Your Book

Welcome back to the Children’s Book Marketing Podcast with your host, Micaela S Benn!

In today’s episode, we dive into the world of content marketing and how it can help you reach your ideal readers. This episode was inspired by a poll conducted with authors on Instagram and Facebook, ensuring that we deliver the content you want and need.

As we continue our series on content marketing, we’ll explore the different forms of digital content and discuss effective ways to communicate with your audience. But first, let’s understand why it’s crucial to know your audience and how targeting the right influencers can lead to successful children’s book marketing.

We’ll also address the common pitfalls of generic advertising messages and the importance of creating a thorough profile of your ideal reader. Plus, you’ll be able to complete a helpful exercise to uncover valuable insights about your target audience. So, get ready to take your marketing efforts to the next level and connect with the right readers for your children’s books.

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00:02:00 Learn about content marketing through email.

00:11:27 Your marketing efforts should always keep your ideal readers in mind.

00:15:29 Target specific audience, not all parents.

00:21:32 Connect with targeted audience, build lasting relationships.

00:23:57 Profile your ideal reader, study them carefully.

Some of the resources that shared in the episode are below:

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