The Children's Book Marketing Podcast
The Children's Book Marketing Podcast
Episode 9: Breaking Down Your Launch Starting With Pre-Marketing

Hey there, book enthusiasts and aspiring children’s book authors! In this episode, we’re diving into the things you need to know about pre-marketing for self-published children’s books.

So, what exactly is pre-marketing? Well, it’s that critical phase between starting the self-publishing process and having a place to send eager readers to buy your book. We’ll be covering everything from creating a strategic list of potential collaborators to borrowing someone else’s audience for greater reach.

But that’s not all! We’ll also explore the importance of producing alternative versions of your book, like audio books, American Sign Language translations, and translations in different languages. Plus, we’ll chat about the unexpected setbacks and delays that can arise during the pre-marketing phase and how to navigate them with transparency and grace.

Here’s what you’ll find in this episode: 

  • A clear explanation of the 3 marketing stages you’ll work through as you launch your children’s book
  • Details about the first marketing stage of launching your children’s book, Pre-marketing Stage, and how it’s not the same as Pre-sale; although most authors think they’re one in the same.
  • How I used a huge setback to get creative about deciding what kind of merchandise to release with my children’s book.

So, grab your favorite cup of tea, get cozy, and join us on this journey through this early stage in the author journey. It’s time for some light, camera, and action – let’s dive in!

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~ A review left by Calebk24 on May 11, 2021

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